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As election day nears, many states are taking their cue from Colorado and Washington on the legalization of marijuana and bringing it to a vote.  This year residents in Alaska, Oregon and Washington D.C. will vote and decide.  If these states join Colorado and Washington, it will open up a whole new marketplace for cannabis businesses.  How will the cannabis industry capture all this new business, through innovative marketing, of course.  Because marijuana is still illegal on the federal level, and there is still a stigma associated with the product marketing marijuana comes with its own set of difficulties. Which is why business must come up with innovative ways to market their cannabis business.  One of the best ways to do so is to invest in digital marketing, from a reliable and experienced firm like Marijuana Marketing Gurus.

When it comes to marijuana marketing, there are a lot of companies out there who may promise to get you results, but only Marijuana Marketing Gurus can actually give your what they promised . At Marijuana Marketing Gurus , we specialize in cannabis marketing offering our clients stellar SEO, PPC, and Web development.  We pride ourselves on our open communication with clients.  We work carefully with each client to assess their needs and develop a marketing strategy that works best for them, as we know not every strategy works for every client.  Our team of highly qualified and experience marketers is well versed in design, analytics,  and strategy.  Below are a few tips all cannabis business should use to market their business.

Tip One- Create a Stellar Website. Without a fantastic website that really allows you to set yourself apart, you will never reach the kind of demographic you are hoping to reach. Quite simply, the web page itself has a lot to do with whether or not a potential customer will come to see your store in person. Without a strong marijuana web design, potential clients will be disillusioned and take their business somewhere else.

Tip Two- Use Search Engine Optimization. When you do a web search, do you scroll through all of the options, carefully analyzing the Google blurb under each title and link? Or do you just start clicking until you find the one you want? Most of us take the latter option, so pushing your company higher up on the google search list helps you get more business. This is the beauty of marijuana search engine optimization.

Tip Three- Have an active Social Media presence. This is perhaps the least expensive tool you can use, but it can also be the most effective. By maintaining active social media marketing accounts, you reach customers before they reach out to you. Instead of waiting for them to do a web search, your company will start popping up on their news feeds. That is the power of marijuana social media marketing.

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Marijuana Marketing Tips To Get Started

Whether it is the classic anti-pot ads from the 1950s or Sean Penn’s comical portrayal of a classic stoner in “Fast Times At Ridgemont High” , marijuana has always been a controversial  topic.  However,  the  recent legalization in Colorado and Washington state reflects a changing of the guard, and changing attitudes toward marijuana consumption.    Both states stand to make millions of dollars in the first year alone, and projections indicated that number will only rise for years to come.   It is this very projection that has caused a major influx in marijuana dispensaries in both Washington and Colorado.  As such, this burgeoning business sector is primed for success.  However, this success is often marred by the industry’s lack of knowledge when  it comes to marketing their business.  Because the sale and consumption of marijuana is still illegal on the federal level,  marijuana business owners must walk a tight rope of regulations similar to the restrictions alcohol and tobacco industries are familiar with. Thankfully, the digital sphere has made a way for cannabis business owners to market their business in unique and innovative ways.   To get started take a moment to check out the tips below all marijuana marketing experts follow.

Tip #1-  Be sure that all your brand/logos are responsive to digital platforms.

Tip# 2-  Consider your messaging and web content.  Your website will be your customers first impression of your business.  Your website must be functional, visually appealing, and informative.  Think about what your brand story is and how it will attract consumers.

Tip #3- Take some time to think about your social media strategy.  Creating a social media strategy is more than just setting up a profile on Facebook or twitter.   You must consider the content you will be sharing, you must take into consideration who your audience is, how to build it and what information they need from you.

Tip #4-  Invest in SEO.  SEO or search engine optimization, is the marketing practice that catapults a business to the top of search engine results.  90% of all consumers never go past the first page of search results, and the higher a business ranks in the search results the higher their return on investment.

Tip #5- Blog.  Blogging is a great way to share your expertise, or share relevant news with your customers.




Cannabis Marketing Strategies That Will Help You Boost Your Traffic

In this day and age the internet is probably one of the most crucial tools  you can use to create a successful business. The internet is omnipresent and if your presence cannot be felt online then there is a very high chance that you will miss out on a lot. If you are running a cannabis business you need to build your reputation and promote your brand on the internet in the best way you can.
When you decide to practice cannabis marketing it is important that you exploit the natural curiosity that can be found in human beings. Humans have a thirst for knowledge especially on issues that they do not fully understand. But if the text is too complex or long they will rarely read it since in today’s world there is very little time to spare. You need to present your info in an easy to digest and visually appealing form. Below are a couple of the strategies that will help you grow your website traffic:
1. Infographics: This is the use of visual representation to help show the maximum amount of data using the minimum package possible. This is a good way to represent data that is of great importance to the user. For cannabis you could show the advantages of using the substance and myths that are associated with the marijuana. The facts presented here should be interesting so that they can be shared on social media sites which will help generate a lot of traffic.
2. Videos: The use of videos can also really help increase traffic. For cannabis marketing you can post videos where you are showing people how to roll the marijuana which they are going to use for medicinal or recreational purposes. It takes very little time and effort to produce the videos but they will most certainly be well received. Videos that are rich in information not only go viral but they are also ranked highly on Google search engines and this is great for business.
3. Guest Posting: For the videos or infographics to work for you website they need to be seen by many people. The internet is a cruel place since you may post a great video which will get no likes while a lame video may go viral in just a few hours. You should devote time and money to build your presence through other means. One of the most popular of these is guest posting. This is where you get to post your content on another person’s blog. This will provide you with a lot of exposure and the owner of the blog will have good content for the site.
4. Authorship: On Google they have a feature called Authorship which allows you to claim ownership of content published on the internet and link it to your Google profile. The search engine results will display a link to your Google+ profile and picture so that those who are interested can see what else you have to offer. Through your Google profile you will be in a better position to continue cannabis marketing.


FAQ About Marijuana Marketing

Since its legalization for recreation in Colorado and Washington last November the marijuana industry has grown exponentially.   Officials at the state legislature estimated the marijuana industry will bring $60 to 70 million by the end of June 2015.    As such many business owners are seeking to get their slice of the pie. However, marijuana is a complicated business venture for even the most seasoned professional.    While demand for this product continues to grow,  many new business owners are encountering an unexpected complication, marketing their business.  Marketing for marijuana is fraught with complication, as there are certain limits to marketing a substance like cannabis.  Many business owners often default to traditional marketing and advertising methods, the industry has changed and digital marketing is where it is at.  From building a unique and effective website to optimizing all content for SEO, digital marijuana marketing experts have the experience to market you business and translate clicks to dollars in your pocket.   Below are some of the most common question business owners ask about marijuana marketing,  and the answers that only the experts can tell you.

Q:  What makes an effective website for a marijuana business?

Did you know that 25% of all business decision start online? We live in a digital world, as such we are almost always plugged in.  Which is why it is so vital your website is responsive and function for both a desktop or mobile screen.  This will allow consumers easy access to your site and provide them with accurate information in the palm of their hand.    It is also imperative you website contains information that your customers are looking for like product descriptions, prices, business address and phone number, etc.

Q:  How do marijuana businesses continue  you invest in affordable marijuana marketing in an increasing market?

We recommend business owners think outside the box of traditional marketing.  Instead of spending your entire marketing budget on print or television, place that investment in digital marketing campaigns like SEO, PPC Web Design Etc.  These marketing opportunities offer a better ROI, and are proven effective.

Q: Can we use social media to promote my business?

Yes,  However there are certain restriction on what you can promote or share on the various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter etc.   Never solicit or appeal to viewers under the age of 21.

Q:   What are the limits to marketing marijuana on social media platforms?

All marijuana marketing or advertising content must not contain any statement or illustration that may be misleading, promotes irresponsible use,  promotes the effectiveness of the product for treatment of any condition, or depicts a minor consuming the product.

Q: Can we use Google Ad words or other advertising links within websites to promote my cannabis business.

Yes.  Just be sure to research any restrictions or recommendations.

Q:  Can we create content for a YouTube page, even if content takes a comical look at promoting my business?

Yes. Just be mindful of appropriate content and never promote your content to viewers under the age of 21.

If you are ready to join the digital revolution, contact the experts at Marijuana Marketing Gurus today!


Creating content: What all marijuana marketers need to know.

As many business owners know in order to grow your business you need to invest in marketing.  In today’s  marketplace this means straying away from traditional marketing practices and investing in digital marketing.  This is true even for business who work in unique markets like Cannabis.  However, unlike more traditional businesses, cannabis business owners have an unique challenge when it comes to marketing their business.  Due to the unconventional nature of their business, marketing for marijuana companies requires a special touch.  Experts in creating marketing strategy for cannabis companies know there are certain rules for marketing marijuana.

  • Make sure the firm handles all marketing and advertising materials about cannabis responsibly
  • They should not include materials that condone or depict illegal behavior.
  • They should not depict or glorify excessive use or addiction.
  • Be Careful and avoid depicting cannabis use during activities that require alertness, like driving.
  • Any depiction of cannabis establishments should be respectable, and professional.
  • All cannabis marketing materials should  be targeted toward adults.
  • Avoid any elements that appeal to minors by considering the following:Language, Symbols,Music, Pop Culture References, etc.
  • All materials should follow all state and local guidelines related to content and marketing the substance.
  • All marijuana marketing materials should never exaggerate or emphasize the benefits or effects of the cannabis product.
  • Never imply a product has special properties. Be wary of marketing a product as a treatment or solution to personal health issues.
  • Never make any claims that has not been substantiated by scientific studies. Always keep in mind how the product is marketed, Never market medical marijuana as the same as recreational marijuana and vice versa.
  • Never include content that is overtly sexual or explicit in nature, as this may offend the consumer instead of enticing.