Are you struggling with finding the perfect gift for the cannabis lover in your life. Well have no fear, the gurus are here to help. Whether you’re shopping for a birthday gift, holiday present or other celebration, these top-notch cannabis gifts qualify as a go-to.

JuJu Royal CBD Cartridges

The first quartz cartridge on the market will impress fans of CBD who thought they’d tried everything. The patent is pending on this cartridge, which is leak-free and designed to reach 400 degrees Fahrenheit in one second or less for faster vaping. The CBD itself is made of full-spectrum, solvent-free CO2 extracted oil. The formula includes Jamaican cherries, known to aid in the relief of migraines and inflammation.

QuantVapor Vaporizer

A sleek pocket vaporizer is a good gift for the hipster in your life. Designed for dry herbs but containing a compartment for concentrates, this vaporizer is battery operated with an LED display and an indicator that lets the user know when chamber is heated up. The walnut finish is classic and the vaporizer is easy to clean — a win-win.

Citizen CBD Tincture Drops

Citizen CBD has the purest CBD oil on the market in the form of a CBD tincture. This gift is versatile; the recipient can add it to almost any food or beverage. For every 100mg of CBD in the drops, the amount of trace cannabinoids and terpenes are greater than other present raw materials. In other words, this tincture has the best ratio of terpenes and cannabinoids to CBD content on the market. Each bottle contains 30 mL.

Side bonus: Citizen CBD gives 10% of their profits to the Wounded Veteran Foundation.

BioCBD Total Body Care

For the CBD lover in your life who is also on the fitness train, gift BioCBD Total Body Care capsules. Each bottle contains 30 capsules filled with water soluble hemp CBD. The pills are all natural and support overall health, making them a thoughtful offering to any friend or family member who is looking for new ways to improve overall wellness. Every active ingredient in the capsules been transformed into powerhouse micro particles using patent-pending technology and is quickly absorbed.

Finding gifts for the Cannabis user in your life is only difficult for the number of choices. From vaping supplies to tinctures, you’re bound to find a winner among top products on the market. Go ahead, treat your loved one to a sublime experience by picking up any of the products we listed above.