Word-of-mouth recommendations can only take your cannabis business so far. You need to incorporate a range of tactics into your marijuana marketing strategy, including search engine optimization (SEO).
SEO encompasses methods that can move your website up in search results. For example, when someone searches for a marijuana dispensary on Google, the pages higher up in the listings are those that have more favorable SEO characteristics than pages on other sites.

The Benefits of SEO

Your cannabis website brings in more organic visitors when it reaches the top of the search results. These people already have some interest in the topic you cover, since they found you by searching for a related keyword or phrase. Another SEO benefit is increased brand awareness. You won’t get 100 percent of the clicks when you hit the top of the search results, but everyone will see your cannabis company’s name as they look through the list.

On-Page SEO

SEO techniques fall under two broad categories: on-page and off-site. The on-page category includes tweaks you make to your website to create an experience that’s attractive to search engines.
The ways that you can improve your on-page SEO include removing broken links, putting intuitive navigation in place, using keyword phrases in your text and creating an SEO-friendly marijuana website design.

Off-Site SEO

Off-site SEO includes optimization methods done on external channels. For example, another marijuana website linking to your site creates a backlink. Search engines like to see relevant links to your site, as these often indicate that your information is trusted in your niche. You can reach out to relevant site owners to see whether they would like to use your content as a resource, or you can pursue guest blogging opportunities.
Social networks also play a part in off-site SEO. Search engines can look at how many people follow your page and link to your content to determine your authority in the cannabis business.
Marijuana SEO might sound overwhelming at first, but your business will gain many benefits from putting it in place. Starting with the on-page elements is an easy way to begin this process. Next, you can move to off-site methods.
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