Marijuana for long periods has been considered illegal in most American minds. However, things are slowly changing with over 51% of Americans wanting legalization of marijuana. Apart from the very narrow failure in Florida, 3 out of 4 national battlegrounds voted in favor of the legalization of cannabis. This has made the marijuana industry beaming with business opportunities with $100 million been added in cannabis commerce. There is bound to be more growth with hope of more marijuana ballot measures in 2016. The 2014 elections show how most people are now accepting the legalization of marijuana. There is need for marijuana businesses to take advantage of this growth and market their businesses well. Digital marketing can be one great way for such businesses to advertise.

This is the time when almost everything is being done online. Online presence for any business is very essential with most Americans buying spending much of their time online. However, competition online is real and businesses can have little chance of been noticed. People are always hungry for information but how the information is presented will determine if they will read it. Let’s look at some ways that one can use the desire of people to learn to drive traffic to their websites.

1 InfoGraphics

InfoGraphics involve compacting information into one small package so that people do not tire going through large amount of works. Such information is visually presented to make it easier to share. Sharing the packages through the internet will drive more traffic which will automatically lead to increased prices.

2 Use of videos

Static images do not give the best response to customers who want to see how things are done. The use of YouTube to advertise and show your marijuana products can immediately go viral if it is creatively made. Videos don’t have to be long to convey the required information. Quality is very important and one may have to seek professional services from a video editor. Videos put on websites also work well for the purposes of SEO.

3 Guest posting

InfoGraphics and videos posted in the internet will be of no use if they cannot get any views. Sometimes the internet reality can be very harsh on businesses. The very best videos may go unnoticed while poor videos go viral. This necessitates the use of other means to get noticed online. Guest posting allows your content to be published by different bloggers. Guest posting is a win-win situation for both parties where you get exposure while the blogs get quality content.

4 Google authorship

This is a new product from Google that allows one to claim authorship of contents published in other domains and be able to link it to their Google+ profile. When results in Google come up, a link to your Google+ together with a picture comes up. This way, traffic can easily be generated to your website. You will find that people are always attracted to images helping in generation of more traffic. You can even choose a picture that relates to your marijuana product and this will help with branding of your business.

5 Optimization of Google local

Google local has rapidly grown and expanded over the past few years. Optimization of Google local is one way to increase traffic to your website. Local listings are easily noticed during search on Google. This combined with mobile internet optimization will drive more traffic as more people nowadays access the internet through their mobile devices.

6 Use of social media

Use of social media is also an effective way to get more people to your website. Social media is always booming with millions of active users every day and access to such people can be great. One can create contests on the social sites where people win gifts to help increase participation.

The importance of digital marketing for marijuana business cannot be ignored as it can drive sales to great heights.