In this day and age the internet is probably one of the most crucial tools  you can use to create a successful business. The internet is omnipresent and if your presence cannot be felt online then there is a very high chance that you will miss out on a lot. If you are running a cannabis business you need to build your reputation and promote your brand on the internet in the best way you can.
When you decide to practice cannabis marketing it is important that you exploit the natural curiosity that can be found in human beings. Humans have a thirst for knowledge especially on issues that they do not fully understand. But if the text is too complex or long they will rarely read it since in today’s world there is very little time to spare. You need to present your info in an easy to digest and visually appealing form. Below are a couple of the strategies that will help you grow your website traffic:
1. Infographics: This is the use of visual representation to help show the maximum amount of data using the minimum package possible. This is a good way to represent data that is of great importance to the user. For cannabis you could show the advantages of using the substance and myths that are associated with the marijuana. The facts presented here should be interesting so that they can be shared on social media sites which will help generate a lot of traffic.
2. Videos: The use of videos can also really help increase traffic. For cannabis marketing you can post videos where you are showing people how to roll the marijuana which they are going to use for medicinal or recreational purposes. It takes very little time and effort to produce the videos but they will most certainly be well received. Videos that are rich in information not only go viral but they are also ranked highly on Google search engines and this is great for business.
3. Guest Posting: For the videos or infographics to work for you website they need to be seen by many people. The internet is a cruel place since you may post a great video which will get no likes while a lame video may go viral in just a few hours. You should devote time and money to build your presence through other means. One of the most popular of these is guest posting. This is where you get to post your content on another person’s blog. This will provide you with a lot of exposure and the owner of the blog will have good content for the site.
4. Authorship: On Google they have a feature called Authorship which allows you to claim ownership of content published on the internet and link it to your Google profile. The search engine results will display a link to your Google+ profile and picture so that those who are interested can see what else you have to offer. Through your Google profile you will be in a better position to continue cannabis marketing.