4 Gifts To Give The Cannabis Enthusiast In Your Life

Are you struggling with finding the perfect gift for the cannabis lover in your life. Well have no fear, the gurus are here to help. Whether you’re shopping for a birthday gift, holiday present or other celebration, these top-notch cannabis gifts qualify as a go-to.

JuJu Royal CBD Cartridges

The first quartz cartridge on the market will impress fans of CBD who thought they’d tried everything. The patent is pending on this cartridge, which is leak-free and designed to reach 400 degrees Fahrenheit in one second or less for faster vaping. The CBD itself is made of full-spectrum, solvent-free CO2 extracted oil. The formula includes Jamaican cherries, known to aid in the relief of migraines and inflammation.

QuantVapor Vaporizer

A sleek pocket vaporizer is a good gift for the hipster in your life. Designed for dry herbs but containing a compartment for concentrates, this vaporizer is battery operated with an LED display and an indicator that lets the user know when chamber is heated up. The walnut finish is classic and the vaporizer is easy to clean — a win-win.

Citizen CBD Tincture Drops

Citizen CBD has the purest CBD oil on the market in the form of a CBD tincture. This gift is versatile; the recipient can add it to almost any food or beverage. For every 100mg of CBD in the drops, the amount of trace cannabinoids and terpenes are greater than other present raw materials. In other words, this tincture has the best ratio of terpenes and cannabinoids to CBD content on the market. Each bottle contains 30 mL.

Side bonus: Citizen CBD gives 10% of their profits to the Wounded Veteran Foundation.

BioCBD Total Body Care

For the CBD lover in your life who is also on the fitness train, gift BioCBD Total Body Care capsules. Each bottle contains 30 capsules filled with water soluble hemp CBD. The pills are all natural and support overall health, making them a thoughtful offering to any friend or family member who is looking for new ways to improve overall wellness. Every active ingredient in the capsules been transformed into powerhouse micro particles using patent-pending technology and is quickly absorbed.

Finding gifts for the Cannabis user in your life is only difficult for the number of choices. From vaping supplies to tinctures, you’re bound to find a winner among top products on the market. Go ahead, treat your loved one to a sublime experience by picking up any of the products we listed above.


Creative 2017

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How social media marketing will dominate 2017

Social media marketing has seen exponential growth in 2016. Some people claimed that this is a temporary buzz that will pass with time, but they have been proven wrong. In their assumption, they may have overlooked the fact that social media is not static, but a dynamic outfit that keeps evolving to match new trends. The dominance of social media marketing will be evident in 2017.[/vc_column_text][list style=”check” color=”green-lite”]

  • Social media ads will make a comeback, with each company targeting higher visibility. With the tons of content on these sites, organic visibility is turning out to be unreliable. The social media platforms have realized the revenue potential in advertising and have gone out of their way to create different advertising options for businesses. You can then customize your advert according to your budget, target market and so on.
  • New social media platforms will emer
    ge as it happens every year; try to cut their niche in the market. However, marketers have learned to take their time before jumping onto a new platform. Instead, they will identify the platform that bests caters to their needs and invests fully in it.
  • Social media platforms will become more professional, adding tabs that allow businesses to engage more constructively with their clients. The most successful platform in this area will win more users.
  • Marketers will be taking customer engagement to new heights using the new technology. Live webinars, 360 videos and such like avenues will be used to engage users in the real-time, giving them a more vivid experience.
  • There will be a shift in the popularity of the various social media platforms. For instance, you may have noticed that Twitter is no longer that popular, while Snap is on an upward trend. Users are apparently looking for new experiences. 2017 could experience a decline in the dominant platforms while the newer ones gain more users.
[/list][vc_column_text]These predictions are not cast in stone, but they should give you a pretty good idea of ways that you can structure your social media marketing in 2017. You do not have to be on every platform; find the one that works for you and refine it to meet your client needs. A solid social media strategy will go a long way in reaching out to your clients even on a tight budget. 2017 is only days away; let’s wait and see how this forecast will fair.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column width=”1/3″][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/3″][vc_column_text]

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SEO HTML Checklist – 7 Musts For SEO Compliant HTML

shutterstock_249450904To ensure you get the best search engine optimization (SEO) results for your business’ website, you need to do more than provide unique and useful content, because people aren’t the only ones viewing your website’s many pages. Instead, online spiders mostly will do the work of taking a digital snapshot of your website and its contents, and algorithms will rate your various web pages and determine how each fares on search engine results.

Google, Bing, and other search engines use algorithms to assess your web pages, and those algorithms will take a close look at your HTML coding. To improve your SEO results, here are seven essentials to make certain your HTML code is SEO-compliant.

Use Valid HTML Tags

If you make any mistakes with your HTML coding and tags, your web page won’t load properly, and your SEO rating will plummet. You need to ensure all tags are valid before your web page goes live.

Place Keywords in Metatags and Descriptions

When you place your keywords within the metatag and metadescription for each page, Google and Bing algorithms will boost your SEO ratings on searches containing those keywords and rank your website much higher on search results.

Provide Anchor Links

Search engines won’t be able to read some of your content if it only can be accessed through forms, and that means many of your pages won’t be indexed – unless you include anchor links to all of the pages contained within your website.

Don’t Forget Header Tags

Header tags are critical for SEO performance, because they break up your content and help humans, spiders, and algorithms alike to better understand your pages and determine which information is most important. An <H1> tag provides a larger, bolder text than an <H2> or lesser tag, for instance, enabling algorithms to better tell which content is most important.

Cascading Style Sheets Are Important

Cascading Style Sheets, usually referred to as CSS, improve your search engine ratings by simplifying the code for your web pages, which makes it easier for algorithms to assess them, index them, and rank them more favorably.

Use Descriptive Links

When you have a link on a web page, your search engine rankings will go up when you use accurate link descriptions that enable algorithms to better know why a link exists and where it goes. It also helps to improve ratings for the linking page as well as the page where the link appears.

Alt Tags for Images

Google and other search endings love websites with images and other unique content, but they need to know what images contain, because they can’t look at them like people do. Alt tags improve your SEO results by telling search engine algorithms what an image contains, especially if you are using an image as a link, too.

The seven relatively simple, yet very effective, search engine optimization tactics can help to improve your online traffic, while reducing your marketing costs and maximizing your company’s return on investment.

Can You Advertise Marijuana on Facebook?

Facebook is an obvious go-to for any business hoping to promote themselves, but is it okay to advertise marijuana on it? Recreational use is now legal in several states, and medical use is sanctioned in far more. Nevertheless, proprietors of marijuana dispensaries and related businesses must still adhere to certain laws and restrictions when it comes to advertising. This is especially true for businesses hoping to reach multi-state consumers. Cannabis websites alone generally do not get into hot water, but where does Facebook fall among legal marketing platforms?

It turns out that Facebook is still a bit of a gray area. Fortunately, however, much of this grayness comes from misunderstandings about the social network’s policies. The fact is that posts and sidebar advertisements concerning marjuana are still prohibited by Facebook (yes, even if they originated in areas where such content is not illegal). This is basically Facebook’s way of protecting its own interests, since after all, marijuana still remains illegal on a federal level.

But all hope is not lost. Facebook pages for dispensaries and marijuana-related businesses are still very much alive. And in general, they do not get blocked or taken down. The key difference here is that simply creating a page for your business is not illegal (just look at all the different kinds of pages out there, about virtually anything you can think of) nor is creating a page advocating for the legalization of marijuana, but advertising your product is. So even if you already have a marijuana website design you’re pretty proud of and/or have mastered marijuana SEO, you should still seize the important opportunity of creating an active Facebook page for your business. Then, you just need to be rather careful in your wording of your posts to make them not appear to be advertisements (simply sharing articles on marijuana-related news or sharing marijuana websites is a good start, for instance).

Now, because of the “no advertising” policy, this means that the vast majority of your page followers will have to be grown organically. Be sure to put a Facebook symbol or even a “like us on Facebook” sign in your store (if you own a store), your website, or even on T-shirts and other merchandise. Marketing is really all about creativity, after all.

Now, if your page or any of your posts DO happen to get blocked by Facebook, it never hurts to shoot their service center a message about it (make sure it is well-written and polite). You never know– sometimes what one person may perceive as blatant advertising may be viewed as something else entirely by another. It’s your business, after all, and it is worth the effort.

Medical Marijuana Investment Opportunities

images-3With each new election cycle, the industry for marijuana emerges victorious, which means there is a mountain of cash to be made for investors. As a result, marijuana investments and cannabis investments have increased in demand. This industry consists of a wide array of different business opportunities, such as grow rooms, dispensaries, co-ops and more.  Simply put, investors are making large profits in relatively short periods of time, which is synonymous with the business of marijuana. With over 23 states with legalized medical marijuana, one of the most profitable opportunities is operating a commercial grow room.  Continue reading to learn more about what it takes to operate a commercial grow room.

Commercial Grow Rooms

Commercial grow rooms are the laboratory-like setups where the marijuana is grown. While the process of growing marijuana may seem simple, the type of high-grade product sold in dispensaries requires professional equipment, precision, and professional personnel.  But before you purchase the building and equipment you will need to determine what type of grow.

While there may be several jobs within a commercial grow room, there are three key positions every profitable grow room needs. They are:

Grow Room Designer

Just as the name implies, this person helps get the facility started and off the ground. The grow room designer chooses the best location of the grow site, the optimum building design, and how to modify the building to best cultivate profitable plants.

Facility Manager

Although the title is facility manager, this individual must be a jack of multiple trades.  In charge of checking the air filters, checking the water, replacing sensors and lights, maintaining the environmental control system, this person is responsible for the overall maintenance of the facility. This professional must be able to manage the several mechanical and electrical issues that will arise.

Master Commercial Grower

The master commercial grower is responsible for developing and perpetuating different strategies and methodologies for growing the plant. This professional is responsible for waste prevention, optimizing yield planning, maintaining plant health, and discovering new ways to integrate the energy usage of the facility by creating new procedures and processes.

Marijuana Marketing Gurus, SEO at its Best

images-4Marijuana is a growing and ever evolving market, knowing how to market your product, your site, and your services is key. Marijuana Marketing Gurus can help anyone work to create and market a fantastic site that does a few different things.

For starters, Marijuana Marketing Gurus can help customers to create websites that are at once professional, based on your particular goals, and creativity. We can help anyone grow their marijuana dispensary, cannabis testing lab, glass shops, or any other marijuana related cannabusiness. With a versatile and prolific portfolio, customers can also see what sites we have worked on and what we can do for you.

With a dynamic approach to search engine optimization for your marijuana related business, Marijuana Marketing Gurus can optimize your site. With our techniques and professionals we can help you to optimize content, optimize your site, and get your site noticed and highly ranked in search engines.

Marijuana Marketing Gurus also offers display advertising that is creative, effective, and expertly designed to help bring your target audience directly to your site. Our display ads are effective which helps to drive viewers to your site and we can help insure that your site gets visibility on the most popular sites.

Our goal is to help those in the cannabis industry create an effective web design that harnesses the creative ideas of your business. Our hope is that with our help we can create a site that is as impressive and effective as your physical storefront. Our sites are designed to help give the best first impression and truly get your clients thinking about what services you are offering.

A vast majority of internet users employ search engines to make their decisions when it comes to their money and spending. Investing in SEO and online marketing can help to effectively utilize resources and boost ROI. With effective marketing your ROI is can be up to 8x greater than other traditional advertising methods. Our company can help utilize the internet and new advertising methods that are available.

With search engine optimization we can assure our users that the best experts are on hand to work through SEO for your site and to answer any questions that you may have. With our combined years of experience we can assure our clients that the best team possible is on hand to provide the best possible SEO outcomes for their site. Reporting and analytics can help our team to create a course of action that is going to work best for their company.

Our company also offers analytics and reporting to effectively illustrate how our services are working for you. We hope to help our clients understand what SEO is, what effective website design, and what proper marketing can do for their business and for their personal company growth. Our company will work to find the most effective and best course of action for each individual client. Through proper analytics and reporting we can also determine the best course of action for each client.

Is Cannabis A Miracle Drug?

What amazing medicine has been shown to positively treat, or decrease the symptoms of pain from several diseases? Marijuana has proven to be effective in the treatment of spasms, the burning and numbness associated with multiple sclerosis, the vomiting and attendant nausea from chemotherapy. What substance can also lower the intraocular pressure in patients with glaucoma, chronic pain, and might even be useful in treating neuropathic pain? Marijuana. That’s right, in a study from the journal Neurologyabout marijuana can help with all of these symptoms from serious medical conditions. According to the National Cancer Institute and the National Institutes of Health, marijuana, especially oil and other extracts from cannabis plants, can also be useful in treating seizure disorders, Crohn’s Disease, and Parkinson’s disease.

What makes marijuana such a versatile treatment option? The cannabis plant contains several important chemicals including Delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD). CBD is believed to decrease nausea which can be associated with many treatments for health problems like cancer, and THC is useful for stimulating appetite which can be a valuable part of helping people stay strong during illnesses and treatments.

Although the FDA has yet to get on board and approve marijuana for medical treatment, it has approved of synthetic form of THC for treating nausea and vomiting for chemotherapy patients who don’t respond to more traditional treatments. This indicates a move in the right direction by the FDA regarding the use and value of marijuana, but it also indicates that there is more to be done.

One myth about medical marijuana is that everyone who uses it gets high. Some people not in favor of legalizing medical marijuana say they are concerned about users, no matter how old, getting high from medical marijuana. Often, medicinal cannabis is refined in a manner that people getting buzzed is unlikely to occur.

In reality, there are real dangers in frequent and constant use of marijuana, although the long term affects are not known at this time. Cannabis contains more carcinogens than regular tobacco, which makes lung cancer and other cancers a concern, at least to frequent and long-time smokers of cannabis. Other adverse reactions and side effects from frequent use of cannabis can include problems with short term memory, low blood pressure, insomnia, concentration, and depression.


Ways to Defuse the Stigma Surrounding Marijuana Products

imagesCompanies that sell marijuana and related products ,like hemp, can face an uphill battle overcoming the public perception of cannabis. Its reputation as nothing more than a dangerous and useless drug is only beginning to break. Public misapprehensions can hurt even legal operations, but there are a number of effective ways to resist the stigma.
1. Point out the Many Medicinal Properties of Marijuana
There are many well-known medical benefits of cannabis. Emerging science points to a great deal of new and exciting potentials for marijuana.

  • Glaucoma relief: it’s long been understood that marijuana can help sufferers of this disorder by relieving the interocular pressure that glaucoma causes.
  • Pain relief: marijuana is the single least toxic painkiller in existence, and is highly effective for the treatment of pain.
  • Appetite restorative: marijuana is regularly administered to the elderly and cancer patients who lose interest in food.
  • Experimental treatments: Cannabidiol – this derivative of cannabis contains no THC. It is believed to be useful in the treatment of degenerative brain disorders. It may have anti-anxiety effects, and may also be useful in treating cancerous tumors. As a mild psychedelic drug, THC is being studied for its ability to treat psychotic disorders and depression. Because it is the mildest and least illicit psychedelic, there are fewer legal barriers for researchers securing funds for their programs.

2. Help People to Understand the History & Value of Hemp
The practice of hemp farming can be traced back thousands of years. The cultivation of this fiber has been one of the most fruitful endeavors in history. Hemp is arguably the most versatile product of its kind on Earth. It can be made into materials of terrific strength and suppleness. And it is useful for a larger number of applications than even petroleum.

Hemp production was the basis of the world’s first multinational company, the Dutch east India Company. It set off Holland’s Golden Age during the 1600 and 1700s. That is only the beginning. From Holland’s Golden Age up until prohibition, hemp has continually proven itself a massively utilitarian crop.

3. Use Merchandising to Spread Awareness
Merchandising is a great way to spread awareness of the many benefits of the cannabis. T-shirts, posters, or any salable object that can carry a message can serve as an advertising medium. It might be best to avoid using stereotypical “pot-head” imagery. Images of Scarface and Tommy Chong are amusing. But they usually only reinforce people’s negative assumptions about marijuana. By selling merchandise that sport a different vision of marijuana use, vendors may be able to help to diffuse people’s fears.

For more tips on how to promote and market your cannabis business, contact the experts at Marijuana Marketing Gurus. We specialize in cannabis SEO, Web Design and more!

4 Top Tips to Help Run Your Hemp Business

imgres-3Anyone who runs a professional and legal hemp business knows a few things about it that most people might not. Most importantly, they know that hemp does not contain THC.

Unfortunately, the DEA considers hemp to be narcotic in the same way as heroin and LSD. They regularly prove it by seizing massive amounts of hemp all over the country. The DEA recently confiscated 250 pounds of hemp seed from a farm in Kentucky. The seeds were imported from Italy and were meant for use in research projects that were authorized by Congress and the President as part of the 2014 Farm Bill.

It’s common knowledge that marijuana and hemp may still be seized by the Feds even when it is locally approved by the state. So a lot of hemp business owners are walking a fine line knowing full well that they may run into trouble. Unfortunately, even in states where it is legal, many local law enforcement agencies and personnel have personal biases against the plant and/or do not understand that the state they work for has authorized many people to sell it.

What’s worse, if you are accused of committing a marijuana-related offense, the legal system provides very little in the way of compensation for the losses you will incur as a result of time spent in jail, going to court and paying for legal counsel. However, a number of things you can do to cultivate a relationship with your local law enforcement and your community.

  1. Advertise Your Licenses

Have copies of your licenses enlarged, framed and displayed in prominent positions in your office or shop. Include references to your licenses in any advertisements you post and in all your signs.

  1. Be a Crime Watcher

You’ve seen those signs that are posted in neighborhoods that warn burglars that residents are working with law enforcement to help prevent crime. You should register yourself as a crime watcher with your local police and post the sign prominently.

  1. Be a Prominent Community Member

Go to City Hall meetings. Get involved with public affairs. Send letters to the editor of your local newspaper at least once every three months. If your organization is perceived as a positive and prominent community member and is well liked by ‘upstanding citizens’ police are much more likely to show you leniency during any encounter with them.

  1. Proactively Engage with Law Enforcement

Keep your eye on the public functions that are regularly attended by local law enforcement. Attend as many of these as you can. You should be showing up in groups, well dressed and prepared to put on a friendly face.

As the proprietor of a controversial business, it is up to you to ensure your reputation is a positive one. It is vital for every cannabis business owner to craft a positive public persona in order to keep the business afloat in these controversial times.

For more helpful business and marketing tips contact the experts at Marijuana Marketing Gurus today!

Why Your Marijuana Site Needs SEO

imgres-2Many states have legalized marijuana for medicinal use. In addition, some states like Colorado have legalized it in recreational drug form. With all the popularity of marijuana, there are now dispensaries and other marijuana-related businesses rising. If your business is one of them, you should create a site that utilizes SEO.

A majority of people never look past the second page of search results—and even then—a majority of people never even reach that point. The number one search result only gets 33 percent of traffic while the second position gets 18 percent. The 10th place search result only receives 2.4 percent, and it just keeps decreasing for there. This means those who do not use SEO to boost their rank are missing out on a bunch of traffic. Those people who never leave the first page of Google will never get to see your site. And according to Searchenginejournal.com, a majority – 75 percent to be exact – of users never go past the first page of the search results imagine what an impact it has on a business when the site isn’t showing up where people are looking.

Secondly, the price of SEO isn’t just an expense. A person is investing rather that just spending when he or she puts up funding to incorporate SEO into a site. A person is going to get some type of compensation in return. In this case, the return is more prospective clients viewing the site, which equals more revenue for the business. A person will get more out of SEO rather than other marijuana marketing techniques because SEO is cost-effective. You spend very little to get a great deal in back.

While a business can get views from people searching the web, social media is where many people are sharing and discovering new businesses. You may not realize it, but SEO has an impact on sharing your posts or other aspects of a site on Facebook. Although you can’t search using keywords on Twitter, when a person shares content, the meta descriptions and title tags are what shows up. This is what people are seeing when you or others share your posts.

The Internet is very popular, and in order to get a business more well known, the site needs to incorporate SEO. In fact, statistics indicate that 88.1 percent of internet users over the age of 14 in the U.S. researched or browsed products in 2012. Plus, a majority of people are using search engines, 82.6 percent to exact.

No other form of marijuana marketing will ever get you known in as many places as SEO will. You can get views from people all over the world, which means that there aren’t any borders when it comes to who you can reach out to. And we have the ability to use geo-targeted keywords to get your site ranked higher in your area.

Along with marijuana web design, SEO can enhance your business’ site. Your site will instantly rise on search results. Ultimately, you’ll see an improved performance of your site and more money in your pocket.