Conversion Rate Optimization

Why pay for traffic to your site if it doesn’t convert?


Increase Your Site’s Leads

Marijuana Marketing Gurus wants your online business to succeed. To succeed, you must convert. To convert, we optimize.

A customer’s journey to a purchase or phone call can be a long, treacherous road littered with roadblocks. To decrease roadblocks means creating a clearer path for the customer to travel. Enter, conversion rate optimization, or CRO.

CRO is a practice in which traffic to a website is recorded and studied to increase conversions. Based on best practices and statistical relevance, MMG can take the traffic you’re paying for and turn it into paying customers. In the age of data, CRO is a data-based approach to decision making. Long gone are the days of the HiPPO making an uninformed decision based on gut feelings.

In an ideal, online world, any and all traffic going to your website is highly qualified and the visitor wants your product immediately. Unfortunately, this world exists somewhere very far off from where we’re living, so we use CRO as the perfect supplement to run parallel to any type of lead generation marketing you are running. We make that road to purchase or phone call a nice sunny ride through the park instead of a slippery, black ice-filled mess for your visitors. Through statistical analysis, we identify points of frictions through the user journey that lead to valuable users churning and look to remedy the problematic experience through highly controlled experimentation and implementation of best practices.


Record to Inform

The first step in optimizing for conversions is proper recording and tracking. Marijuana Marketing Gurus will implement heat mapping and screen recording to see how users are actually using your site, not just how you feel they’re using it. Why are visitors abandoning the cart? Why are people not calling you? These are questions MMG wants to answer. To answer these questions means to uncover a goldmine of leads and sales.

MMG also implements lead capture to gather a potential lead’s information in case they don’t convert right off the bat. With lead capture, you now have all of the lead’s necessary information to nurture and hopefully convert!


Informed Decisions Lead to Informed Implementation

Once enough data is gathered, Marijuana Marketing Gurus makes informed decisions based on heat maps and recordings to perfect the user flow, optimize for best practices, and increase site speed.

Once these changes are implemented, we A/B test different landing pages, calls-to-actions, verbiage, and lead capture to rely on the most successful strategy and to try all of our options first. MMG must test everything before conclusively scrapping variables.

The CRO process is a “wash, rinse, repeat” cycle to continuously monitor and optimize based on the very valuable information recorded. It is the process of making incremental improvements that compound over time ultimately increasing user engagement and funneling users painlessly to your intended outcome.


Designing with Conversions in Mind

CRO can also be used as a forethought. Executed correctly, CRO is the convergence of form and function. Are you thinking about redesigning your website? Let us implement conversion rate optimization on your current website to record and monitor what our next moves should be on the new website! What better way to identify the optimal experience for your customer base than from the source.

Conversion rate optimization is set forth to solve problems. Let us solve them for you. We’ll show you what we found each month and what we should do to create that clear path for potential customers.

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