Whether it is the classic anti-pot ads from the 1950s or Sean Penn’s comical portrayal of a classic stoner in “Fast Times At Ridgemont High” , marijuana has always been a controversial  topic.  However,  the  recent legalization in Colorado and Washington state reflects a changing of the guard, and changing attitudes toward marijuana consumption.    Both states stand to make millions of dollars in the first year alone, and projections indicated that number will only rise for years to come.   It is this very projection that has caused a major influx in marijuana dispensaries in both Washington and Colorado.  As such, this burgeoning business sector is primed for success.  However, this success is often marred by the industry’s lack of knowledge when  it comes to marketing their business.  Because the sale and consumption of marijuana is still illegal on the federal level,  marijuana business owners must walk a tight rope of regulations similar to the restrictions alcohol and tobacco industries are familiar with. Thankfully, the digital sphere has made a way for cannabis business owners to market their business in unique and innovative ways.   To get started take a moment to check out the tips below all marijuana marketing experts follow.

Tip #1-  Be sure that all your brand/logos are responsive to digital platforms.

Tip# 2-  Consider your messaging and web content.  Your website will be your customers first impression of your business.  Your website must be functional, visually appealing, and informative.  Think about what your brand story is and how it will attract consumers.

Tip #3- Take some time to think about your social media strategy.  Creating a social media strategy is more than just setting up a profile on Facebook or twitter.   You must consider the content you will be sharing, you must take into consideration who your audience is, how to build it and what information they need from you.

Tip #4-  Invest in SEO.  SEO or search engine optimization, is the marketing practice that catapults a business to the top of search engine results.  90% of all consumers never go past the first page of search results, and the higher a business ranks in the search results the higher their return on investment.

Tip #5- Blog.  Blogging is a great way to share your expertise, or share relevant news with your customers.