The cannabis industry continues to grow and business are taking note. With this increase in awareness, cannabis businesses are starting to realize it is time to start marketing their business.  However, when it comes to marketing marijuana the traditional methods used by many other sectors does not apply, due to marijuana taboo status. As such, marijuana business must begin to think outside the box, and invest in more innovative marketing initiatives, like digital marketing.   Marijuana Marketing Gurus is on a quest to help cannabis business owners achieve success through the innovation of digital marketing.   Which is why our team of digital marketing experts will be joining the 2000+ attendees at the Marijuana Business Conference & Expo on Nov. 12-14th in Las Vegas. Located in Denver, Colorado, Marijuana Marketing Gurus is a digital marketing firm who specializes in SEO, Pay-Per Click management and advertisement, web design, content marketing, and much more!  Did you know that 90% of consumers research online before making a purchasing decision?  The internet has revolutionized the way companies do business, this is especially true for those in the emerging market of cannabis.  Gone are the days of buying an add in the paper and calling it done, advertising and marketing for the cannabis industry will not be dominated by commercials and newsprint ads. Today’s consumers are more sophisticated and voracious for information.  The internet offers the perfect platform to satiate these needs.  Which is why more and more business are turning to experts like Marijuana Marketing Gurus to help navigate the muddy waters of the vast ocean the internet has become.  Whether you are a dispensary, glass shop, testing lab or other canna-business, successfully navigating the world of internet marketing is critical to the future of your business.  The entire marketing industry has been turning to digital advertising thanks to its useful analytics data, trackability and potency. Marijuana Marketing Gurus is a team of web designers, search engine optimization experts, certified Adwords professionals, writers and consultants who are experienced in bringing the benefits of digital marketing to businesses nationwide Our experts know the challenge marketing cannabis presents and are able to create solutions to increase a companies ROI for a reasonable investment.  Want to know how Marijuana Marketing Gurus can help bring your business into the 21st century, look for us at the conference, or visit our site today!