4 Key Strategies To Bring Your Business To The Next Level

Over the past few years, the cannabis industry has grown exponentially. At the end of 2016, California – along with Maine, Nevada, and Massachusetts- joined the ranks of other progressive sites and legalized the recreational use of cannabis. This move by California is projected to increase the value of the cannabis market to $20 billion in the next 4 years.  In the next decade, it is estimated that the cannabis industry will be worth an astounding $50 billion, that is more than 8 times its current size!

The cannabis industry has come a long way from the days of homemade baked goods and nameless products on the shelf. As the experts in cannabis marketing and advertising, Marijuana Marketing Gurus can help you seize every opportunity this growing industry has to offer. In today’s market, it is becoming increasingly important to create a brand that engages with its community and maintains a strong presence in the marketplace. Below we have identified 4 key strategies you must invest in order to smoke the competition.

1. Invest in Innovative, Engaging & Educational Content Creation For Your Brand

From dispensaries to gourmet cannabis baked goods, the cannabis marketplace offers a vast array of choices for consumers. Because consumers have so much choice when it comes to cannabis products it becomes imperative for businesses to embrace the 4 elements of content marketing: email, social media, blogging, and video. These 4 elements help you create a community around your brand by engaging with your current and potential customers all at once. Not only do these elements add value to your brand, but they can provide you with valuable insight into who your audience is and what they want.

2. Invest in Photography

We have all heard the phrase a picture is worth a thousand words. Whether they are surfing the web or shopping the aisles of the local market, people see thousands of images a day. Which is why it is vital that the images you use in your branding catch the eye of every potential customer from the get-go.

Stock Photos Vs. Professional Photography

While there is a breadth of stock photo libraries out there, the images are often generic and do not reflect who you are as a business or the products you sell. By hiring a professional photographer to shoot photos of your team, your operation and your products you can show your customers exactly who you are.

3. Create Packaging That Is Both Aesthetically Pleasing & Meets Regulations.

For today’s savvy consumer the design of the packaging has as much to do with their purchasing decision as the quality of the actual product. In fact, 70% of all purchasing decisions happen at checkout. So it becomes essential for cannabis business to create packaging that appeals to consumers and easily distinguishes their brand from the competition. In addition, cannabis packing does come with all kinds of regulations you must adhere to, so it is vital to work with a designer who is well versed in the rules of cannabis packaging.

4. Always Keep Track of Your Analytics & Metrics

The number one mistake that any novice marketer will make is to set and forget their strategy. Without regularly checking in on your progress, there is no way to see if your strategy is working. It is vital to utilize tools like Google Analytics, Webmaster Tools, Facebook and Twitter publishing tools to track growth and analyze your audience’s response. It’s not enough simply to set and forget a marketing strategy without regularly checking in on your progress. Data is gold to marketers and can help you make informed decisions when developing your marketing strategy.

One of the biggest mistakes cannabis businesses make is not bringing on professionals to implement the strategies discussed above. At Marijuana Marketing Gurus, our experts will help you build your brand. Let our experts take your business to the next level. Call us today to speak to one of our consultants.



3 Advertising Pitfalls In the Cannabis Industry

shutterstock_472103500With the legalization of cannabis in another four states on November 8th, the cannabis industry has truly gone mainstream. Cannabis sales in the state of Colorado topped $1 billion in 2016.

The year ahead is going to be a huge one for the cannabis industry and success will largely be dictated by how well cannabis businesses advertise their products to the public.

Advertising should be a part of every cannabis business’ marketing strategy because it’s a great way to increase brand awareness and build trust with local customers.

State Advertising Regulations

That said, keep in mind that cannabis is still illegal federally and individual states that have decriminalized cannabis for recreational or medicinal use have their own rules when it comes to cannabis advertising.

Recreational cannabis states like Colorado have strict rules for advertising on the internet, for instance. The rules say that the “retail marijuana establishment” has to show that no more than “30% of the audience” for your website or blog is under the age of 21.

The aim of that regulation is clearly to limit advertising to underage audiences. Other legal cannabis states like Washington are more explicit about prohibiting advertising to minors.

In the state of Washington, cannabis retailers aren’t allowed to create advertisements that would be “appealing to children or other persons under twenty-one years of age.”

As you can see, that’s very general yet essential to keep in mind as you go about creating an advertising campaign that distinguishes you from your competitors.

Social Media Blunders

Social media outreach can increase your brand awareness and drive sales, and many cannabis retailers have even taken on social media managers to get the message out about their products. Unfortunately, social media giants like Facebook have erred on the side of caution when it comes to marijuana advertising.

Cannabis businesses have to be especially careful with posting on social media since sites like Facebook and Instagram have strict guidelines for cannabis advertising.

Facebook has essentially banned cannabis advertising on its social media platform. You’re not allowed to mention or allude to cannabis use nor can you directly advertise your cannabis product on Facebook or Instagram.

MassRoots is a great workaround solution if you have a readymade social media advertising campaign. MassRoots markets itself as the social media platform for marijuana and it requires users to affirm that they’re 21 years of age before entering the site.

Federal Marijuana Ban

Retail marijuana businesses operating in states that have legalized marijuana are in somewhat of a financial and legal limbo. Marijuana is still banned federally and considered a Schedule I substance under the Controlled Substances Act.

President Obama and his Justice Department created the Cole Memorandum to protect marijuana retailers advertising their products in states that legalized marijuana for recreational or medicinal use.

Questions linger about how President Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions plan on dealing with the Cole Memorandum and marijuana advertising. Because marijuana is still illegal federally, marijuana advertisements are technically still illegal under federal law.

The Top 3 Marijuana Marketing Pitfalls (and how to Avoid Them)

Marijuana Social Media

Marijuana Social Media

With 26 states having at least some form of legalized marijuana, the cannabis industry has officially gone mainstream. If the votes don’t prove it, the money sure does. Colorado alone made over $1 billion last year, and business doesn’t appear to be slowing down anywhere in the country.

Needless to say, the year ahead is going to be a huge one for the cannabis industry. The businesses that stand out and succeed against the competition will be those who market themselves effectively and stay on the right side of a shifting legal landscape.

While advertising should be a part of every cannabis business’ marketing strategy, there are three potential pitfalls that all cannabis business owners can work to avoid.


Even though over half the country has legalized either medicinal or recreational marijuana, cannabis is still illegal federally. With no federal guidelines, each state has their own unique rules on cannabis advertising.

Take Colorado for instance. Like other states with legal cannabis, Colorado has some fairly strict laws regarding online advertising. According to their rules, a “retail marijuana establishment” has to show that no more than “30% of the audience” for your website or blog is under the age of 21.  Other legal cannabis states like Washington are more explicit about prohibiting advertising to minors. In the state of Washington, cannabis retailers aren’t allowed to create advertisements that would be “appealing to children or other persons under twenty-one years of age.”

Because of these and similar laws around the country, cannabis marketers need to be especially careful with how they target their campaigns, and when and where they place their advertising.


Social media outreach can increase brand awareness, attract new fans and drive sales. Many cannabis retailers have even taken on social media managers to get the message out about their products. Unfortunately, social media giants like Facebook have erred on the side of caution when it comes to marijuana advertising, and do not allow for retail marijuana businesses to run paid promotions for their product.

While you can post ands sell to followers who live in your state, Facebook will typically block any attempt to run a cannabis-related ad on their platform unless you are extremely delicate in selecting your language and imagery. Brands that provide services to the cannabis industry or who use their pages to promote cannabis advocacy and information can make careful use of Facebook’s advertising tools to run specific types of ads and promotions.

Another great option for running your social media campaign is MassRoots. MassRoots markets itself as the social media platform for marijuana and it requires users to affirm that they’re 21 years of age before entering the site. There, you can run just about any ad you want to a highly targeted, useful audience.


Gone are the days of Bob Marley posters, tie dye and Cheech and Chong. Today’s cannabis users and business owners are a much more sophisticated audience than they had been in the past. Between recreational and medicinal cannabis, everyone from rappers and comedians to doctors, lawyers and even grandmothers are interested in using cannabis and your marketing has to be able to meet them in the middle.

To avoid turning off a lucrative audience, avoid stoner slang and overly pot-centric visuals. Instead, opt for modern designs, sleek fonts and a clearer brand voice to carry your message to the most diverse audience possible.

Six Strategies for Truly Effective Digital Marketing

Cannabis Websites

The cannabis industry is exploding nationwide. According to Forbes, marijuana sales topped $6.7 billion in 2016 alone. With so much money to be made, it seems as though new cannabis business concepts are appearing over night. The brands that stand out and thrive in this evolving market will need to work with the future in mind, a path that starts with these core steps.

Create a Conversation Online

It’s about more than just hashtags. The cannabis industry is literally a multi-billion-dollar enterprise linking millions of people. The best part? Its years spent underground have inspired a large and passionate community that’s only grown and evolved as more states have legalized marijuana. A major percentage of these cannabis enthusiasts are already online, posting blogs, talking on forums and sharing content conversation on social media.

Creating and hosting your own unique content is essential in helping your brand find it’s way into the conversation. Building useful, creative and entertaining content encourages fans and new customers alike to spread the word and include your brand in the online conversation.

Listen to Your Customers

One of the most important tools social media gives your business is the ability to see what your customers say and do. The brands that are currently winning in the cannabis industry are putting this concept to use daily. Knowing both what your customers like about your brand and what they value in other brands is crucial to forming lasting connections and converting fans into advocates.

Each specific cannabis niche will have its own unique target audience. For instance, many modern cannabis consumers are also interested in health, wellness, and fitness routines. Discovering that information first hand and marketing in ways that emphasize and tie your brand into a healthy lifestyle will help you resonate even stronger with your audience.

Encourage Audience Participation

Use your social media to promote contests, giveaways, games and discounts earned through user interaction. Encouraging you fans to like, share, provide information and submit content in exchange for a small reward is a fantastic way to spread brand awareness, and earn good will from your online audience.

Work Within Your State’s Laws

Each state has its own set of laws and regulations on cannabis advertising. It’s essential that you understand both state and local advertising laws before you create your marketing campaign. You don’t want to pay fines or have to redo your entire campaign because you didn’t consider something basic.

Create New Experiences

As important as it is to follow the rules, it’s ok for your brand to take some creative risks. Embrace new marketing channels alongside your audience, and develop content that people actually want to see.

Don’t be afraid to abandon old stoner clichés in favor of more modern design and marketing concepts. The brands that dominate the national market in the future will be the ones that appeal to the widest range of people, embrace opportunities to stand out above the crowd and be found in new and unexpected places.

Send The Right Message

Just remember to market according to your state’s laws and always use words and graphics that convey the image you want associated with your brand. Avoid words like “ganja” or phrases like “getting high”. Instead speak to more tangible benefits such as the effects of a strain or the lifestyle benefits of your service. That way your actual goal won’t get mixed up in tired clichés and bad stereotypes.

Our Guru Tips On Dominating Your Local SEO

Until cannabis has been legalized nationwide, business owners in the marijuana industry must be mindful of where they place their focus. Until you can legally ship your products from Colorado to Texas, your marketing philosophy should never stray too far from your home base.

But even in hyper-local markets, your customer’s journey still begins online. Recent studies suggest that 80% of customers look online before they decide to decide to buy from a business, and 77% of those customers use Google to begin their search. Most businesses know about using SEO (search engine optimization but far too few practice local SEO.

Local SEO is extremely important, especially for small to mid-sized business that don’t yet compete in the national market. Due to the legal constraints placed on the cannabis industry, your goal is to reach potential customers within your area of service. Local SEO is the best way to do this. Get on the path to search engine dominance by following these proven local SEO strategies.

How To Dominate Local SEO In Your Area

Step 1: Optimize Your Website

Optimizing your website properly will ensure that it will appear high up on Google’s SERP (search engine results page) for searches done within your area of service. The following are a few tips for optimizing your site properly:

Include both the name of your business and its location in your domain name. For example, if your company name is The Cannabis Store and you operate out of Boulder, Colorado then consider thecannabisstoreboulder.com as your domain name.

Use keywords that are relevant to both your business and to the community it serves. For instance, instead of using “cannabis products” as a keyword, use “cannabis products in Boulder.” This helps to narrow your audience down to those that are performing searches in the Boulder area, which in turn draws higher-quality leads to your site. Keywords should be used in your titles, content, anchor text, ALT image text and meta descriptions.

Add your NAP (name, address and phone number) to each page of your website, including your homepage and contact page.

2. Create Locally Focused Content

Create a blog and write content that is based on local news or topics relevant to your specific community. Publishing local content is a good way to boost local SEO. For example, publish a blog post on Fourth of July events being held in or around the neighborhood your store is located in. Then, when someone searches for Fourth of July events in that area, your site is more likely to come up.

3. Submit Your Contact Information to Local Directories

Submit your contact information, including name, address, and phone number to various online directories, including Yelp and Yellowbook to Facebook and Google. Make absolutely sure that the information you submit is correct. If the information differs from listing to listing, it can actually hurt your ranking. When submitting your info to local directories, make sure that you list your business in the appropriate category and that you use relevant keywords to optimize your description. Consider making your listings more informative by adding links to your site, photos, videos and more when possible.

4. Encourage Online Reviews

Ask your customers and followers to review your business online. The more positive reviews you have on sites like Yelp, Facebook and Google, the stronger your local SEO will be. Be sure to respond to various reviews as well. Address the problems raised in negative reviews and thank customers for positive reviews.

Need Help Getting Started? Ask the Gurus!

Completing a successful local SEO strategy is a complicated, time-consuming process. Don’t go it alone. At Marijuana Marketing Gurus, we provide a steady hand to guide you through your digital marketing journey. Combining our deep knowledge of your industry with cutting-edge marketing tactics, we lead growing cannabusinesses towards their full market potential. Ready to elevate your business to new heights? Consult the Gurus and begin the journey.

Marketing Specialists your Cannabis Business Can’t Survive Without

We live in a time of constant change, and few things represent that better than the marijuana consumer revolution. In a business world that shunned this incredible market, marijuana business owners have had to blaze their own trail. Where traditional media dropped the ball, digital marketing is taking over in a big way. Like marijuana, digital marketing has come a long way over the past few years, changing and evolving to best meet the needs of businesses and consumers alike.

Digital marketing strategy is essential to the success of any modern business aiming to reach new heights. Achieving your marketing goals requires quality talent, a strong vision, and the resources to make them work. This can quickly become a daunting task for business owners who don’t know where to begin, and don’t have the time to nurture real results. By choosing the right specialists to light the way and manage your digital marketing campaigns, you can maximize ROI while freeing up your time to focus on the thing you do best: running your business.

Here are the three digital marketing experts you should rely on for the journey ahead.


While social media platforms are an effective way to engage with your customers, getting your message across properly is no easy task. It is easy for your message to get lost in the clutter. A social media specialist will work to optimize your efforts to best reach your target audience.

Finding the right social media strategy requires a ton of trial and error. Teaming up with with a social media specialist saves you time and money while increasing your ROI.


Since legalization, Marijuana’s image has come a long way from tye-dye and black lights. Today’s consumers crave more refined packaging, and a trustworthy image behind their products of choice. For any competitive marijuana company, branding is everything. Your brand is what separates your company from its competitors, and draws customers to your products above others.

A branding specialist will help you build a brand that stands out and resonates with your target audience. These are the visionaries who help you decide on a tone, an image and an approach that both unites your strategy and keeps customers coming back.


Don’t let people cloud your judgment, email marketing still works. When integrated into a well-executed digital strategy, email can be the driving factor in driving conversions and establishing a rapport with current and potential customers.

An email marketing expert crafts campaigns that send the right message to the right people at the right time, increasing the effectiveness of your overall marketing efforts.

Let Us Light Your Way

Discovering your path in the marijuana industry doesn’t have to feel like such a mystery. With the right partners there to guide you, your brand can truly thrive in this competitive industry.

As Marijuana Marketing Gurus, we offer a potent blend of quality branding, digital media expertise, SEO and other marketing services to help your business reach it’s full potential. If you’re ready to experience the difference, or if there’s a problem we can help you solve, let us know.

But whatever you do, don’t start your journey without consulting the gurus.

Three Effective Strategies for Cannabis Marketing

marijuana-moneyBrand marketing has become the most effective tool in the cannabis industry as an increasing number of companies are targeting to expand their business across cities, states and international boundaries. Traditionally, growers, dispensaries, infused product businesses and retailers mostly depended upon word-of-mouth to have their names out in the local community. Many took the help of online listing sites like Weedmaps and Leafly, while some put ads in regional alternative newspapers.

This worked efficiently until the business came out of its confinement and started to expand. Today, growth in the marijuana industry is rising relatively and businesses are looking for answers for making their products a household brand.

Many established medical marijuana businesses are trying to expand their brands into new markets like Illinois and Nevada. On the other hand, recreational corporations in Washington State and Colorado are trying to extend their hands in Alaska and Oregon. Putting up a product on shelves or opening up a store in a recognizable state is an effective expansion strategy for cannabis marketing. Estimates suggest that over 90 percent of cannabis companies will grow this year. Therefore, branding will be a necessity to win the race.

The Walgreen’s Model

Bruse Nassau, the co-founder of Tru Cannabis, says that Branding is the most important factor in marketing and that customer recognition is the most valuable asset for any business. He currently owns 5 recreational shops and dispensaries in Colorado.

Prior to owning the Tru Cannabis chain of dispensaries, he owned a cable television installation and servicing company called Telecrafter Services. He says that his brand marketing campaigns helped him establish a name for his cable television company. His hard work paid off real soon. It was not long when Telecraft became a recognizable and respected brand in the world of cable companies. Even the executives of large cable companies were aware of his company. This opened up lot of opportunities for Nassau and helped him grow revenues.

He plans the same for his newly owned dispensaries. He suggests that a Tru Cannabis client form Denver can easily access a Tru Cannabis store in Portland. The only thing you need to know is the name, logo and reputation to make purchases without any hassle. He calls this strategy “Walgreen’s Model”. According to this model the cost of advertising also decreases as you have to put on a single ad for all the stores under the same brand.

Early Adopter

Dixie Elixirs is an edible company that has created a good brand reputation in the industry. Advertising in the cannabis industry is restricted to a large extent. So, executives of this company has used a combination of marketing, press relations and word-of-mouth to reach out to larger number of customers.

Along with customers, this company markets its products to dispensary owners who sell them. After creating a creative logo for the company, executives also designed the packages. Since packaging is the initial handshake with the customers, this company has high hopes on its cannabis marketing strategies.

Look to Beer Industry

Ideas for cannabis marketing strategies can be drawn from long-standing beer companies like Budweiser. People prefer Bud products over others because of its recognizable brand, logo and catchphrases. However, creating a recognizable brand name is not easy and requires lot of time and hardwork. For success in the long run, it is important to establish a name, logo and marketing strategies. If you are doing the job right, you will blessed with improved revenue and a broader customer base.

For more information on how to promote your cannabis business, reach out to the experts at Marijuana Marketing Gurus.

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The cannabis industry continues to grow and business are taking note. With this increase in awareness, cannabis businesses are starting to realize it is time to start marketing their business.  However, when it comes to marketing marijuana the traditional methods used by many other sectors does not apply, due to marijuana taboo status. As such, marijuana business must begin to think outside the box, and invest in more innovative marketing initiatives, like digital marketing.   Marijuana Marketing Gurus is on a quest to help cannabis business owners achieve success through the innovation of digital marketing.   Which is why our team of digital marketing experts will be joining the 2000+ attendees at the Marijuana Business Conference & Expo on Nov. 12-14th in Las Vegas. Located in Denver, Colorado, Marijuana Marketing Gurus is a digital marketing firm who specializes in SEO, Pay-Per Click management and advertisement, web design, content marketing, and much more!  Did you know that 90% of consumers research online before making a purchasing decision?  The internet has revolutionized the way companies do business, this is especially true for those in the emerging market of cannabis.  Gone are the days of buying an add in the paper and calling it done, advertising and marketing for the cannabis industry will not be dominated by commercials and newsprint ads. Today’s consumers are more sophisticated and voracious for information.  The internet offers the perfect platform to satiate these needs.  Which is why more and more business are turning to experts like Marijuana Marketing Gurus to help navigate the muddy waters of the vast ocean the internet has become.  Whether you are a dispensary, glass shop, testing lab or other canna-business, successfully navigating the world of internet marketing is critical to the future of your business.  The entire marketing industry has been turning to digital advertising thanks to its useful analytics data, trackability and potency. Marijuana Marketing Gurus is a team of web designers, search engine optimization experts, certified Adwords professionals, writers and consultants who are experienced in bringing the benefits of digital marketing to businesses nationwide Our experts know the challenge marketing cannabis presents and are able to create solutions to increase a companies ROI for a reasonable investment.  Want to know how Marijuana Marketing Gurus can help bring your business into the 21st century, look for us at the conference, or visit our site today!