Over the last few years, the concept of branding has become more of a catch-all phrase than a specific marketing process. Along the way, it seems to have lost some of the potency, importance, and meaning that makes it such a powerful concept. While branding is important for every business, branding is absolutely essential for the cannabis industry, given the rapidly changing social and legal environments surrounding it. Branding is what helps you find your company’s voice and develop an identity that builds trust with your customer base.

In other words, branding is the process of creating a name for yourself. It distinguishes your company from the countless others that are also looking for market share in the dynamic and competitive cannabis industry. As seen from numerous successful brands in a variety of different markets, the basics of developing a brand apply to companies of all shapes and sizes. Due to the extremely competitive nature of the cannabis market where countless smaller companies are vying for the same customers, branding is especially important.

Aside from the basics like visual design, logos and color palette choices in your marketing materials, your brand is what defines your company’s personality. Finding a cohesive voice that builds upon things like visual design and catchphrases to develop your story is a crucial component to developing your brand. If you rely on website content as the face of your business, be certain to tell your company’s story in a relatable, memorable way. Include company goals, mission and what separates you from the faceless masses of competing businesses.

Furthermore, all content should be appealing and engaging relative to your target audience. In the cannabis industry, emphasizing stability and trustworthiness in your content is pivotal in such a new, ever-changing environment. You want to find a balance between personality and stability, appeal and reliability in every piece of content you produce and upload to your site.

Lastly, distributing your message is another critical component to developing your brand. Given the many distribution channels available in today’s digital marketplace, marrying voice and content to the proper outlets is just as important as the content itself. After all, producing the best visual designs and engaging content does you no good if the audience never sees it. Between social media outlets, email campaigns, onsite marketing and SEO optimization, your content should be agile, appealing and appropriate for the channels you use to distribute it.

Differentiating yourself in such a new and competitive industry can be challenging but is in no way impossible. By being deliberate, precise and careful with the design, maintenance and distribution of your message, your company’s brand can become your calling card to success in the crowded cannabis marketplace.

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