Every business wants the best ROI. Marketing practices are pretty much always about maximizing this return on investment. How can you generate the most sales leads at the lowest cost? What will make the biggest impact on potential customers without breaking the bank? Well, it’s becoming clear that email marketing produces the best ROI out of all possible marketing channels. If you want the best ROI, you need to focus on email marketing.

Does email marketing really give the best ROI?

Put simply: yes! More email marketing equals a better return on investment. According to an eMarketer study, email marketing has a median ROI of 122% – four times higher than any other digital marketing channel. The majority of marketers say that email marketing offers an excellent or good ROI. Email has consistently proven to be the best marketing channel for businesses, and 75% of online shoppers are somewhat or very likely to open brand emails. Email marketing is the most effective way to get a strong ROI.

Why else should you be doing more email marketing?

We know that email marketing produces the best ROI of all marketing channels. But, it’s important for many other reasons too. For one, email has the widest reach. It can be easy to assume that social media is bigger, but there are three times more email addresses than Facebook and Twitter accounts combined.


Customers also prefer to interact with brands via email, with 72% saying that email is their favorite way to receive promotional content from brands. Interacting with them in a way they enjoy is the best way to net customers and increase brand loyalty.

So how do you get email marketing right?

Email marketing is a great way to improve ROI, but not if you’re doing it the wrong way. Here are some top tips to get email marketing right for the best ROI:

  •   Get more subscribers by convincing website visitors to subscribe to your mailing list
  •   Target your emails by including the customer’s name and personalizing the email in line with their demographics (where they live, their gender, age, interests, and so on)
  •   Create professional, interesting, easily understandable emails
  •   Make sure your emails don’t end up in the Spam folder by avoiding too much capitalization or bad HTML
  •   Make your emails mobile-friendly so subscribers can read them on computers, tablets, and smartphones

You need to do more email marketing if you want to get the best ROI. If you’d like to learn more about using email marketing to improve your ROI, get in touch with MMG today.